NCPHRF Ratings

NCPHRF Base Rate Report

As of January 26, 2018

The NCPHRF has compiled a listing of base ratings for boats that have been rated in the Bay Area. These base ratings represent boats in their standard configuration and have been assigned in accordance with the current NCPHRF Rules and Guidelines. Individual ratings for some boats may have been adjusted based on their particular configuration.

For information on adjustments to NCPHRF Base Ratings, please refer to the NCPHRF Rules & Guidelines. (updated October, 2015)

NC PHRF Current Certificate Holders

In addition to the Base Rating report, the NCPHRF has available the listing of boats with a current NCPHRF certificate. The listing of current boats is available as a PDF and can be searched for a particular boat by clicking on the SEARCH button at the top of the PDF.

2018 Certificate Holders, As of January 26, 2018
By Boat Name
By Boat Type
By Sail Number
By Rating
By Downwind Rating

NC PHRF Downwind Ratings

Starting in 2010 the NC PHRF Committee introduced Downwind Ratings. These are ratings that only apply to races that are historically downwind events. As downwind performance is strongly affected by length, downwind sail area, displacement, and wetted surface, downwind ratings vary significantly from standard ratings. You can read the Downnwind Rating FAQ HERE. Actual Downwind Ratings for boats that have current certificates can be found on the NC PHRF Current Certificate Holders reports above.

In 2013, The PHRF Committee changed the way in which Downwind Rating number is displayed. PHRF downwind is an entirely different system than normal PHRF buoy ratings. The only connection is that the ratings are ratified by the same PHRF board. The downwind number represents a typical "speed" your boat would be expected to sail in seconds per mile on a predominantly downwind course*. Before 2013, this number was shifted to appear more like a normal PHRF rating; but the board felt this shift created confusion, rather than reducing it. We have eliminated this shift in order to emphasize that PHRF and PHRF-DW are conceptually different systems.

* in a rather slow year. In a fast year (windy conditions), you can expect to sail to a number about 20% lower.

Multihull Ratings

NCPHRF only rates Monohulls. If you are looking for information on multihull ratings please visit the Bay Area Multihull Association.