The NCPHRF Committee

The NCPHRF committee is comprised of hard working volunteers who have generously donated their time and knowledge to the Bay Area Sailing Community. The committee is staffed by a wide range of sailors, many of which are industry professionals in the areas of boat design and sail making.

The Committee generally meets the 4th Thursday of each month. Meetings are closed to the public, but arrangements can be made for skippers who wish to speak to the Committee in person. Please contact the YRA office for more information.

The 2016 PHRF Committee members are:

Jim Antrim
510.223.9680 – wk
510.262.0303 – fax
Bill Colombo
510.523.9411 – wk
510.773.8015 – cell
Brooks Dees
510-691-2009 – wk
George Gurrola
510.843.9417 – hm

Stan Honey
650.328.3428 – hm
650.961.7825 – wk
Kame Richards
510.522.3109 – hm
510.522.2200 – wk
Robin Sodaro
415.381.1223 – hm
415.332.4104 – wk
Seadon Wijsen

Written correspondence for the NCPHRF committee should be mailed, faxed or emailed to the YRA office