Ocean Safety

OYRA Minimum Equipment Requirements

All Skippers participating in the OYRA series of races must comply with the Northern California Offshore Racing Council’s Minimum Offshore Requirements. The current NorCalORC Gear list can be viewed and downloaded HERE.

Safety at Sea Seminars and Resources

upcoming US Sailing Safety at Sea Seminars can be found HERE. In addition to local classes, some seminars are also available online from US Sailing. Look for the “Online Offerings” link on the US Sailing Safety-at-Sea page.

Sally Honey, along with many folks that moderate Safety at Sea seminars, put together a great textbook for Safety at Sea that can be used as a reference and reminder of the many topics that require
thoughtful consideration before you push off from the dock for your next offshore adventure. You can download a PDF version of the book HERE.


The YRA requires all vessels participating in an OYRA race carry either a 406 MHz EPIRB or PLB.

Crew/Boat Informaton and Statement of Compliance Electronic Form

OYRA Racers must complete the electronic Crew/Boat Information Form at www.jibeset.net by 5:00pm the Thursday before each Ocean Race. We recommend you leave the same information at the dock as well, and keep a copy with you while out racing. To access the electronic Crew/Boat information form go to www.jibeset.net and click on the "For Racers" link. Next click on "My Registrations" and enter your boat name or sail number. When you boat comes up, click on "Login". The system will then ask for your password. Once you are logged in you can select the OYRA regatta and update your boat information and provide your crew information.

Search & Rescue Information

It is extremely important that all OYRA racers inform the race committee immediately if you need to retire from a race. If you fail to notify the race committee that you have retired from a race, a USCG Search and Rescue Mission will be launched. To read more of what that entails, and the costs you may incur because of an unnecessary search, click here.

Weather Information

In April of 2006, the OYRA joined forces with NOAA at the Richmond Yacht Club and presented a five hour class on the basics of weather forcasting for the mariner. The Power Point Presentations utilized during the seminar as now available for all to see. Please note that these Microsoft Power Point Presentations are best viewed using the latest version of Internet Explorer.

NOAA has also added new features to it’s website to help mariners get more accurate weather forecasts. Click here for more information.