Entries for the Great Vallejo Race Close 4/28!

If you haven’t signed up for the 2016 Great Vallejo Race yet, time is running out! Entries close at 5 pm THIS THURSDAY! To Enter, click HERE!

Looking for the Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race? You can view them HERE.

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  1. Paul Zell

    For Vallejo race. Just copied starting sequences. See Sparky listed under non-spinnaker division. Intention was to fly spinnakers this race. Am listed start under flag V PHRF 9 – with PHRF 192 or greater. Sparky’s PHRF 222 for Catalina-25.
    Do I start with this group and must not fly spinnaker without disqualification?

    1. Post

      Hi Paul,

      You are definitely in a Spinnaker Class, we’re just combining the starts for the PHRF 9 fleet and the Non-Spinnaker division.

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