USCG Permitting Process

All organized regattas with 10 or more boats must obtain a US Coast Guard Marine Event Permit. Obtaining your event permits for you is one of the key services that the YRA offers to it’s member clubs.

Each fall the YRA will coordinate with Club Race Chairs to compile the Master Calendar. This calendar is then the basis for obtaining Coast Guard Permit numbers for SF Bay regattas. Each event listed on the Master Calendar will be given a YRA ID number which can be used when communicating with VTS. In addition, some regattas held in high traffic areas, or regattas with a large number of entries, will also be give a separate USCG number. Ocean Races and Regattas with over 100 participants must fill out additional paperwork to obtain the required permits for their event. If you are running an ocean race or a Regatta with over 100 participants, please contact the YRA office directly for assistance with your permits.

If you missed getting a date on the Master Calendar and now need a permit for an upcoming event, or you need to revise an existing permit, please complete the form below. The information will be transmitted electronically to the YRA and we will then email you your permit number as soon as it is verified by the Coast Guard.


*   Is this a new permit or a revision to an existing permit?   

If this is a change to an existing permit, please provide the permit number:   

If you are applying for a new permit, please provide the following information on your event. If you are updating or revising an existing permit, please fill in all the blanks below with the updated information for your event. The information you provide below will override your existing permit information. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the YRA office.

*   Event Begin Date:   

*   Event End Date:   

*   Event Name:   

*   Location and/or Course Area:   

*   Radio Fequency used (In addition to channel 14):   

*   # of boats expected:   

*   Start Time:   

*   End Time:   

*   Sponsoring Club or Organization:   

*   Contact Person:   

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When done, please or