Looking for the Vallejo SI’s & Starting Sequence?

We’re expecting 167 boats for the start of the 2016 Great Vallejo Race tomorrow. If you haven’t downloaded the Sailing Instructions yet, you can do so HERE.

We also posted the Fleet Assignments and Starting Sequence this morning.

Visit the Great Vallejo Race Notice Board HERE. The notice board contains all the info you need for the race, including information on the great after-race Party hosted by Vallejo Yacht Club!

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  1. Post

    Hi Tom,

    I am sorry to hear you are having troube with the site. IF you click the link for the Sailing Instructions in this post it should take you directly to the document. The link to the Fleet Assignments shows all the boats in your class.

  2. john Dukat

    Critical Mass #8843 withdraws PHRF 9 division
    I didn’t realize the day mark at Pt Pinole was a mark of the course

    1. Post

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