The next YRA Racer Social is here!


Please join us for an informative evening with some members from the US Coast Guard, Vessel Traffic Services and the SF Bar Pilots to talk about the busy waters of San Francisco Bay. Richmond Yacht Club is opening their doors for us, and we’ve got a great program put together that will give you a better understanding of the roles of Vessel Traffic, the current ferry routes and their impact on our sailing venues, plus a current pilot with the SF Bar Pilots will share some stories from his carreer, and talk about the challenges of navigating large vessels in the Bay. You’ll walk away from this evening with a better idea of just how busy San Francisco Bay is, and how all the services that monitor all the traffic, including sailing events, interact.

Anyone who shares the Bay with commercial traffic is invited to attend, from swimmers, kayakers and kiteboarders to racing and cruising sailors. After the presentations we’ll have a question and answer session and the Richmond YC bar will be open.

Register for the event HERE

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  1. Dick Loomis

    I’m the Commodore at RYC. We’re looking forward to hosting this event and sharing our newly remodeled club with you.

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