Upcoming Racer Social – VHF Marine Radios

Coming to the Racer Social tonight? Don’t forget to bring your handheld DSC enabled radio with you!

Please join us at Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda on October 19th for an informative talk on VHF Radios, including a talk by Eric Steinberg of Farallon Electronics, plus Andy Newell from OYRA and a representative from the USCG will be on hand for a DSC demonstration.

Topics of discussion will incude:
VHF Radios & DSC

  • What radios are available that have DSC functionality?
  • How do I use DSC?
  • What happens when DSC is used?
  • How do I get GPS into my house radio that has DSC but does not have built in GPS?
  • CoAx requirements

General Electronic Issues

  • How do I get electronics from different manufacturers to talk to each other?
  • How do I build a NEEMA 2000 network?
  • How do I get devices that only support NEEMA 0186 onto a NEEMA 2000 network?

Tickets for this social are $20 per person, and the social is open to all members of the public. Bring your sailing friends and join us for an educational and fun evening!



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  1. Kathi Pugh

    I am unable to participate in the upcoming seminar on VHF radios. However, I was hoping one of the experts might be able to assist me with an issue. I’m physically disabled with limited use of my hands. I also have a very weak voice. I was hoping there might be a headset VHF radio that my work for me as no one is able to hear me. Thanks for your help, Kathi

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