Have you heard about the CBRA?


The YRA is pleased to announce the formation of the new CBRA- The Classic Boat Racing Association! This new series will incorporate the existing WBRA fleets, and provide new racing opportunities to classic One-Design fleets like the Alerion Express 28’s, the Cal 20’s and the Santana 22’s.

The 2016 season will feature 4 race days, with 2 races scheduled per day, for an 8 race series. You can get more information on the series HERE.

To sign up for the CBRA series CLICK HERE.

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  1. Pat Broderick

    Wow! I came looking for some info and found a whole new website. Looks Great! And I found what I was looking for a lot quicker than with the old site. In addition, I’m now thinking of moving “back up” to a Tuna and join in on the new fun. Keep it coming! YRA never looked better.

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